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Pay with Zero: Buy now, Pay later @ 0% interest.

Owning the things you need shouldn’t be difficult, regardless of the costs. With Carbon Zero, we are offering a more affordable way to shop without paying for everything at once. And at no extra costs.

Carbon Zero is the easiest way to split payments for the things you love

Select your item (s), and go to checkout(NGN10k-NGN30k) or (NGN50k - NGN1m)

Checkout with Carbon Zero Payment Method

Give us a few hours to review your application and set you up for your new purchase.

Experience the new way to shop with Lipa Later

So How Does this Work?

Sign Up

Sign up online & get an INSTANT approval

Shop & Select Item

Make an upfront payment of 20% of the value of the item, and accept the T’s and C’s via USSD

Make Monthly Payments

Upon receiving your item, payment can be made using bank transfer, or via card monthly, and spread out in 12 months.

Credpal has made “ready to buy now and pay later” easy for you:

So How Does this Work?

CredPal is a financial technology firm that has created a revolutionary method that allows businesses and individuals to buy anything and pay for it in installments across online and offline merchants by giving instant credit at the point of checkout.

Shop on Sales366

Select for any Products of your Choice

Checkout with Credpal on the website

Provide the required information

Choose how long you want to Spread your payment between 2 – 6 months

Then you make 30% down payment and wait for your order to be approved

Once your order is approved, we would deliver your products to you

Enjoy your product.

How it works-Specta Get spending limit

To get your spending limit, click “Sign Up” @

To sign up, we collect your basic information and send an OTP to the phone number attached to your BVN. Login to your dashboard to continue.

From your dashboard, click “Get your spending limit” and follow the 3 easy steps to get your limit instantly.

PaywithSpecta on Sales366

Fill in your personal information

Complete your bank information

Provide your account information

(If you are new to Sterling, get your passport photograph, utility bill, signature and valid means of identification ready as you will need to upload it to open an instant online account)

Pick all your products and simply check out with PaywithSpecta as payment method.

Enter your Specta ID and choose tenor for repayment to proceed. The tenor range is between 0 to 90days Interest free and 7 to 12 months with interest.
An OTP would be sent to the phone number attached to your BVN. Input the OTP to complete the transaction.
Your account with Sterling would be credited and the funds moved instantly to us for the purchase you made.
An offer letter would be sent to your email showing the terms and conditions of the loan.


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We use cookies to provide you with a customized, responsive, and a personalized experience. Cookie Statement.

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